Rainbow Six Siege Summer Heat Wave Live Stream Event

I'm proud to announce the Rainbow Six Siege Summer Heat Wave live stream event that will air from June 19th-June 22, 2018! Only on Twitch.tv/IncarnateMedia

This event will showcase the best Rainbow Six Siege Talent from across Canada and the United States as they compete in Ranked Matches. Who will #SiegeTheDay ?



The New Trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 was revealed today at E3. We have waited many years and this has been one of the most anticipated games of the century. Cyberpunk 2077 is truly the future of gaming and we will have exclusive news on Incarnate Media Entertainment in the near future!

I hope everyone is enjoying E3 so far and stay tuned for a special announcment from Incarnate Media Entertainment later this week! 

Batman Beyond Arkham Fan Film Cancelled

The Batman Beyond Arkham project has officially been cancelled. This was a project Incarnate Media Entertainment has been working on for a few years. The script was in the final process of being completed however it’s time to move on to new projects. Thank you for all of your interest in this fan film. Stay tuned for future announcements of other TBA projects.

Detroit: Become Human Review

Detroit: Become Human transcends just gameplay.  It goes beyond that to tell an interesting story from multiple points of view. Set in a realistic future, Detroit: Become Human deals with the question Can AI have a soul? This game's Androids have more Humanity in them than a lot of the people we meet in our busy day to day lives. Overall Detroit: Become Human is a solid game full of choices to make and depending on the choices it is also full of the consequences too.

Here at Incarnate Media Entertainment we give Detroit: Become Human a solid 9.5/10

Stay tuned for a video review on Incarnate Media Entertainment's YouTube Channel.

"Remember this is not just a story, This is our future"

-Chloe Detroit: Become Human Menu Screen

Black Ops 4 is the Multiplayer Experience We have Always Wanted...

The official reveal of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 had a lot of mixed reactions from fans of the past Black Ops series. Many people were disappointed by the fact that Black Ops 4 is missing a single player campaign, However lets be honest. Call of Duty has evolved beyond just a campaign. Treyarch realized that and decided to innovate by making multiplayer and zombies it's priority. The introduction of Black Ops 4's new Black Out Battle Royale mode will provide fans with many hours of exciting new ways to play Call of Duty and it will finally put an end to your friends asking "Want to play Fortnite?"  Overall Black Ops 4 is a fresh new ambitious take on the Call of Duty franchise and players should embrace the change. Treyarch has also expressed that they will focus on PC gamers more than they have ever before. These are changes we have wanted to see for many years. Witness this bold new direction for yourself on October 12th, 2018. 

1 Million YouTube Views

Incarnate Media Entertainment is proud to have reached over 1 Million video views on YouTube. Recently our highest viewed video surpassed our Batman Arkham Knight Batcave series to take the number 1 spot on our channel. Injustice 2 Godspeed Epic Gear now has over 186K views!
Incarnate Media Entertainment will return with new videos within the next few months including the new Spider-Man PS4 game in September! 


Incarnate Media Entertainment is proud to bring a new live streaming VR experience to Twitch.TV/Incarnateslayer

Raw Data will be streaming along with other PSVR Titles including Farpoint and Star Trek Bridge Crew. The future of video entertainment starts with Virtual Reality. Jump In.

If you would like to recommend any other VR titles let us know via email at incarnatemedia@gmail.com

Brand-Safety Matters

Incarnate Media Entertainment is trying to build the best future possible by becoming the future of all Digital Media Entertainment. What we post and where we post it matters. We have had several offers from various websites in that past that are just not the right fit for our brand. In this digital age, it matters now more than ever to be brand safe. That is why I am guaranteeing that going forward Incarnate Media Entertainment will be a brand safe environment for all advertisers on every platform.

-Nick Encarnacion
Digital Content Creator

New Interactive Series Coming Soon

With the success of the previous interactive episodes of Batman The Telltale Series season one we have decided to continue these live videos with the next episode of season two coming later tonight. Don't miss Batman: The Enemy Within episode one and if you missed any of the previous episodes catch up anytime on-demand on the Incarnate Media Entertainment website! 

First Casting Audition Details

Now, our operation is small but there is a lot of potential for expansion. So which one of you fine ladies or gentlemen would like to join our team? Oh, there’s only a few spots open right now so we’re gonna have…Tryouts

That's right our first casting call is here! If you would like to be apart of this Batman Beyond fan film send a quick one minute video to incarnatemedia@gmail.com showcasing your talent! Leave your name and contact information and we will contact you when we go to hold our auditions!